An Antidote for digital world’s halt during pandemic

Client profile

Our client is amongst the largest healthcare services groups in Asia, providing world-class distribution, digital and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in the region and making healthcare more accessible is their main purpose. Their aim includes accomplishing sales excellence by training their sales force for an efficient platform to create personalized engagement with customers and increase revenues through offline and digital plan of actions.

Business situation

On the days when lockdown was implied and work from home titles were revolving all over the globe, a sudden and short deadline demand in the market raised for virtual connections. These connections needed to be implemented on the sudden basis to keep the business moving and generating revenues.

Keeping the recent pandemic situation first on the table, it was a question to track the activities done by Field Force as the name suggests the employees were meant to be on fields but a situation like global lockdown needed a subtle and long-term solution to the scenario.

Business complexities at a glance

  • No record of virtual calls
  • Undefined remote engagements’ metrics
  • Hidden high end performance of personnel
  • Inability of variety digital call management

This scenario reinvented an out of the box work for our experts to implement the solution in short timeframe to enhance the workflow in client’s existing system making their customer engagements up to date, specific, user friendly and available to track even though being in home space.

Solution overview

A value addition to the existing work tracker is introduced to enhance the capabilities of the system where employees can submit their productive hours precisely; An employee who promoted multiple products to a single customer in addition to promoting versatility in products to different customer in a single day. This facilitates versatility by including every social media platform an employee could reach out to the customer. An automated software which is reliable for the superiors and organisation to calculate the key performance outstood itself in the situation of pandemic. This business solution was smoothly implemented without a need of halt and defined metrics does work as a conclusion of exemplary execution.

Benefits derived

  • Omnichannel detailing
  • Hidden insights of the productivity
  • Metrics precision
  • Inclusive of all social media platforms
  • Available on Android/iOS
  • Anytime and anywhere being an offline functionality
  • Approval matrix

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