Email integration

email integration

FForce does it all for you to be informed

In today’s time, email integration is highly essential for sales, marketing and other support activities. FForce email integration helps you to manage your email activities within FForce by connecting you with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and other email servers. This feature helps you to be more productive and more focused on your customers.

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Every interaction with the customer has its own value and it has to be tracked and treasured for better understanding and retaining of the customer. With FForce email integration feature, you need not switch between your FForce and email time and again to manage all your business communications. Now FForce comes with email integration.

The need

Adapt with the time and see new customers in new markets every day. Be where your customers are. Each business has new challenges and new opportunities to face every day. Track them on time and prepare yourself for the new chapter of competition by infusing latest tools, new models and new technologies into your business. Integration of email can be the right step towards making a miraculous sale.

Follow and access every customers email

In sales, change is an everyday occupation – New customers, new products, new systems, new tools, etc. Simple approach is to adapt a system that will help you to take a more strategic view. At Sarjen we have a top-line priority to adapt to the latest technologies and with this in action, our product FForce is developed with the focus of integrating software, hardware, services and communications.

All adventurous companies have a powerful strategy to dominate and capture markets. FForce email integration will act as the “maker” revolution strategy. Neither waste your time in searching for your contacts’ or leads’ mails; nor wait to send those ready message that you would like to send to your contacts. Just sync data between your email and FForce. Access all your sales related email exchanges in one place right at FForce email integration feature right at one click.


  • FForce allows you to track your customers’ messages from any email applications.
  • Manage emails from a single location
  • Get hooked to our email archiving service to archive any email to FForce
  • Handle every email communications from your customers and leads without leaving FForce
  • Make your email management simple with built in features of FForce Email Integration
  • Encourage more effective communications among staffs and customers
  • Capture important communications instantly
  • Sync your sales contacts with FForce
  • Experience seamless, action packed instant communications between you and your customers