Territory management

Segment your customers, define territories, set targets accordingly and improve your sales in a more systematized way. This is exactly what our territory management software is all about.

You can just define any customer based on the market or segment character. Mark it to the right person who can handle this. The rest, you can just set and track your sales. It helps you to analyze your sales pattern based on the territory and make huge business changes and decisions accordingly.

  • No more accessing multiple tabs to get area wise inputs
  • Easily share accounts across territories
  • Segment your customers
  • Be more organized with your sales
  • Ensure your sales team has equal workload based on the assigned territories
  • Create structure and territories in different levels
  • Get rid of your mediocre editing potential

So, what is the wait for? Just assign, restructure if required and manage continuously thereby optimizing your performance. Without leaving your system you can centrally manage your territories and get valuable and instant statistics based on your assignments.

The best part is whenever you want you can always expand, reassign or collapse your territories all with an intention to enhance your capabilities and offer excellent customer experience.

Keep testing different scenarios and structures…all with the dynamic FForce territory management software. After all it is the question of retaining the best that works.