Sales integration

sales integration

Be more efficient across all phases of sales and move faster

Today’s sales

  • Fast and productive
  • Information at your finger tips
  • Mobility
  • Collaborative
  • Insight driven
  • Usage of all channels
  • No wastage of time
  • Effortless
  • Fast and productive

Move deals faster

Engage your sales team with our FForce system and make all the difference. FForce sales integration feature lets you to conduct your sales and retain your customers in a better way.

You can call your business a successful one only if your customers gain a consistent positive experience with your product. Sales force team can do this effortlessly with the help of FForce sales integration feature which lets them to gain insight to real-time opportunities and drive sales results while on move. This easy to use feature lets them to feed in and get all relevant information about their leads and contacts and convert them faster as life-time customers. It is all about keeping your sales team connected and informed. If this is made possible then productivity follows at ease.

Identify every opportunity

Sales team can now optimize their sales performance with timely analytics, together with integrated communications and latest selling tools. It is not just about attracting customers, but the task is to retain them and bring in more fresh customers. Automate your day-to-day sales activities by opting FForce and use our sales integration feature to gain complete visibility to your sales.

Define your strategy

Adapt modern best practice. FForce offers a comprehensive and integrated CRM which allows you to accomplish all aspects of sales, marketing, accounts, logistics, service, pricing and quote – all in a simple and easy to navigate way.