Reports and Dashboards

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Increase insights into every corner of your business process with FForce! Business intelligence software

  • Are you looking for a platform where all users can run reports call it simple, complex or build dashboards to get all those unanswered business queries?
  • Do you want reports to be well organized so that it gives relevant metrics and cross link data across multiple modules?
  • Are you interested in a dashboard that tells a complete story as per the hierarchy or as per the department or as per the type of product or as per the customer type?
  • Do you want an enhanced report sharing platform?
  • Are you keen on having a facility where you can edit, save, delete or move a report from your CRM?
  • Do you want your dashboard to be dynamic which can help not just to have metrics but also to take actions?

If yes, then this feature is right for you as it lets you to organize information in a way which is easy to process. It helps you to make insightful decision with the right type of data presented in a right way.

With FForce business intelligence software, you can easily get real-time relevant metrics with just few clicks. You can easily fulfill all your requirements based on the type of your organization and operating style

Businesses are getting redefined with every new innovation in technology. Now we are in an era where mobility and availability of real-time information instantly can help sales team to get closer to the customers and strike the deal faster. To get this accomplished, all team members should know where they stand too. Clarity about achievements and possibilities will help every team member to take better decision in sales. FForce business intelligence software enables a number of options and various layouts which can act as a ready reference to the team members and help them enhance their learning experience.

Dashboards enable a real-time snapshot of your business metrics. It acts as an easier platform to visualize all related data across multiple departments. A complete picture of your sales pipeline can be visualized in just a few clicks using this feature.