Promotions and campaigns

Promotions and campaigns

Align your sales and marketing activity with FForce! Promotion and campaign management

  • Manage your dozens of marketing campaigns concurrently without any hassles
  • Save time and error
  • Deliver targeted promotions and campaigns to segmented customers
  • Improve your campaign response rates
  • Enhance your conversion rates
  • Achieve a satisfied ROI for each of your marketing budget
  • Track all activities of your marketing and analyze response
  • Define your target group
  • Manage execution seamlessly
  • Act timely and pass the leads automatically to the sales team
  • Cut short your sales cycle
  • Share lead information, their motivation, buying interest etc. to the sales team instantly

The promotion and campaign management feature in FForce enables companies to reduce the gap between sales and marketing team. It acts as a simple method to track all your campaign activities and also understand and analyze them in a quick span of time. It provides a clear-cut visibility to each team’s effort towards any promotion or campaign.

Management of marketing activities with FForce promotions and campaign management feature provides a clear perspective of the marketing investments and its ROI. Be it a general campaign or a targeted one, the feature allows marketing team to take full advantage more effectively through intuitive functionalities. All you have to do is decide on the elements of campaign, and the target audience and the target products. By defining your campaign access and tracking responses, there is a complete control of your campaign activities. Here, the feature acts as a complete link between sales team, marketing team and your CRM.

At any point of time, it is easy to access information like

  • Who was involved in which type of promotional activity?
  • What creativity was used in campaigns?
  • Was there any specific campaign for any specific product?
  • Which campaign had high influence?
  • What type of campaign helped in driving your sales?
  • What was the response?

You can easily create reports and get superior understanding of the campaign results based on live analytics.