Opportunity management

opportunity management

Remember, every sales opportunity is associated with revenue; so do not miss it. FForce sales opportunity management feature will help you to bring you closer to the possibility of finishing the sale.

A quick glance at your prospective deals

A swift road map to opportunity can add visibility to your sales deal. FForce sales opportunity management feature is like a road map that forecast and let you to optimize and enhance your sales opportunity and keeps you closer to the winning chance. This part of the product helps you to navigate all your sales deal, get access to critical details and other related accounts plan. It is here you know if the customer is worth spending time, or if the customer can get you more deal, or if you need to add more value to close the sale.

Increase your win rate

Customers that display interest in closing a deal or proceeding with a complete transaction are opportunities. They request quotes, relevant product details and make offers for payment. An exclusive means of communication is required to deal with businesses that have the potential for converting prospects to actual sales. This feature lets you have a strategy to drive sustainable growth to your business through your contacts. It is like a real time alert. Sales opportunity management gives you the probability and close dates to your sale.